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LGB 26872
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                             The Above Timer Is What Is Left Of 2019

 Latest News is I now have all the LGB Mikado's Prior to 2006 🙂 Happy Days

This site is still under construction at the moment, I am trying to build a very user friendly site for visitors, This is more a hobby and not a money making venture like most model railway sites, I have a true passion for the hobby and have met many interesting people in pursuing G Scale trains, any input from visitors would be greatly welcomed please email me using the form below.

I am also looking for complete collections of model trains of any scale that people are wanting to sell, I offer a fair price and not cents on the dollar like most dealers are offering, all that they just want to do is make a quick buck at your expense. Your family member spent a lot of time and money collecting and it should not be discarded for next to nothing like some old memory.

Also if you have pdf manuals for g scale products please email them to me and will add them to the site for everyone to reference.