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Aristo Craft_logo

Aristocraft is a family company, directly descended from Polk's Hobby: Irwin and Nat started Polk's Hobby as retailers in New York City in 1935 on Seventh Avenue, but quickly moved to a 5 story building. Each floor represented a different category of the hobby field and was a show case for the industry. They quickly expanded into wholesaling and manufacturing under the name Aristo-Craft Distinctive Minatures. In 1980 the building was sold at a peak in the real estate market and we moved to New Jersey to manufacture radio control and large scale trains.

LEWIS & MARYANN POLK: Lewis, the son of Nat, and his wife, Maryann, continue to operate the business in the tradition of the founder's with the hobbyist first in mind. Aristocraft revolutionized the large-scale railroad market with the introduction of large, detailed models of American-outline trains; their patented ball-bearing equipped "PrimeMover" modular gearbox drivetrain; and the latest development: the Revolution(TM) remote control system.