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Kadee Couplers Catalogue 2015


Kadee Quality Products Co. is a model railroad manufacturer. They are best known for their couplers, but also produce rolling stock and accessories. The coupler line covers HO and larger scales, but not N scale.

Kadee Quality Products was established in 1940 by identical twin brothers Keith and Dale Edwards. They named their company using their own initials, K and D. They were both toolmakers and capable engineers. Their claim to fame and financial success came when they developed and patented their HO knuckle coupler which became the de facto standard in the hobby. In the early 1990s, the Edwards brothers had a serious falling out and parted ways. Dale took Kadee which is based in White City, Oregon. The business is in the capable hands of his son-in-law, Alan Vezzani. When the brothers split, Keith established Micro-Trains Line in Talent, Oregon, about 30 mi (48 km) from White City. Micro-Trains specialized in N scale products, expanding later to include Nn3 and Z scale. Keith died in July 26, 2012, and Dale died in September 19, 2014.

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